i'll have mine with a side of real

so i have my last day set. the manager lady put it in as Oct. 1st, which just so happens to be *m*'s birthday.

i have the day i'm moving, which is the day after *m*'s birthday.

i'm taking time off from life and going down to visit *r* in madras. it's a two-hour drive, but we miss each other. she told me a couple weeks ago that she's pregnant. she told me, like, the minute she found out, and she's so excited. i'm going with her maternity clothes shopping, and to her first ultrasound. i love things like this...

so i'll be gone for a few days. after...well...everything...i just need a few days away.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time away. I know I'll be enjoying myself over the next couple of weeks.

Az said...

Remember to breathe deeply and to smile a lot. :D Talk to you when you return. Enjoy yourself!