smile makers, from iGoddess to you

these are just a few things i enjoy from time to time and decided it was high time i share...


ritterschlag...or "knight fwapping," to be vernacular about it. it's a hilarious spin on dragons, damsels in distress, and those pesky paladins who love them.

2.) ze end of ze world
this is a favorite among the House of Dragons' Rest. we can't stop quoting it.

3.) street installations
this is funky and unexpected street art by a pronoiac genius named mark jenkins. he brings the artistic objective of pronoia to life. finding the treasure amidst the trash, the jewel in the junkpile, the Funk in the fucked-up...

4.) imagining the tenth dimension
go ahead, boggle the freak out of your mind. stretch your limits of comprehending the multiverse. click on the button on their side menu that says "imagining the tenth dimension."

i dare you.

5.) the televisionary oracle
actually, being the Funktastic and rockalicious host with the holy ghost grin that robert brezsny is, he actually has freely given all 43 chapters of what is now my bible on his website.


Az said...

omg, ritterschlag was way to cool! loved it. :D

Anonymous said...

oh wow! thanks for sharing these totally cool links.....I must go now and check 'em out!