CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): When the first George Bush ran for U.S. President in 1988, he worried that he and his wife Barbara appeared less affectionate in public than their opponents, Michael and Kitty Dukakis. "Sweetsie," he wrote to her, "Look at how Mike and Kitty do it. Try to be closer in, more romantic on camera. I am practicing the loving look, and the creeping hand. Yours for better TV and more demonstrable affection. Your sweetie-pie-coo-coo." Though my moral principles make it tough to ask you to imitate any president named Bush, it's my astrological duty to do that, at least in this one matter. Your Love Quotient has got to go way, way up. So please: Practice the loving look and the creeping hand. And find an excuse to call someone "sweetie-pie-coo-coo." [Source: *My Dear President: Letters Between Presidents and Their Wives.*]


ironic, don't you think? especially considering i'm still riding the dating horse pell-mell towards gods-know-what.

not that i have anyone to practice on, loving looks or creeping hands... i go to bed alone, wake up alone, and i think the only reason *sy* keeps calling me on occasion is to feel better about himself. but i'm not sure. all i know is i wish he'd stop. trying to move on and all.

and i've called people "sugar-butt" and "sweet pookie," i've even called some of my closer girlfriends "my sexy, mean strap-on queen," but "sweetie-pie-coo-coo???"


Ravyn said...

I agree...sweetie-pie-coo-coo is frightening... *hugs* Now we just need to find you someone. Particularly someone you can talk dogs with.

iGoddess said...

lol the ability to talk dogs would be nice...especially since i can't drive by someone walking their dog without wanting to ID the breed on sight... >.<'