upside to the single life

i was talking with *t* about the whole breakup with *sy* thing. we got to talking about how dating can really seem to suck when you're discouraged like i am. i'm really trying to keep myself positive and upbeat. i've changed my manner and appearance to something a little more relaxed and approachable. i've spent $150 in the last week on singles websites like eHarmony, etc. i've bought books to help me change my mentality, get me into a better, more realistic frame of mind and some perspective. i'm not yet ready to go out there --alone-- to places where real people meet real people. y'know, places like the local watering hole, dog park, book stores. not yet ready for that because...well...people might not believe it, but i'm shy as hell. i don't know how to break the ice, approach people, or be outgoing when i'm not surrounded by people i've known for years. around new people, i'd much rather sit against the wall and watch. so it's hard for me to go "out there," and people who know me just don't seem to understand that.

so as i sit here and struggle with this state of singleness that i really don't enjoy, i thought i'd put a list up here of the upside to the single life. things i enjoy about being alone...

1.) i can sleep in and not feel guilty
2.) i don't have someone in bed keeping me awake (i'm the lightest sleeper in the universe)
3.) there's no one to look at the dirty dishes in the sink and wonder if i'm a slob
4.) being single is less expensive -- dinner and a movie is cheap for one!
5.) running around in my flannel jammy pants & pink fuzzy socks is damn sexy
6.) no comments to endure when i go without a bra
7.) farting with impunity
8.) don't have to drive anywhere if i don't want to, & gas is expensive even for the Funkmobile
9.) no guilt over how good i am at Dead or Alive (xbox 360)
10.) more leftovers for me

of course, nothing beats someone who loves me, treats me gently, showers me with affection, and holds me while i sleep, but hey. i'm being positive!


Ravyn said...

Suggestion! Each time you are feeling down come back to this post and try to add another good thing about being single...and of course read over your old ones, it may help you make it through the single period with less sadness. Which should then help you to find someone who really does deserve you when you do decide to settle down. Of course; given my situation I could also be completely wrong.

Jane said...

I loved this post! I did one similar a while ago where I listed the good things about being single. I like that I can wake up looking like crap and nobody can judge me about it. I like that I can cook what I want, when I want without some fucktard (OK, I'm talking about my ex here) bashing it. With that being said, you have it all going on gorgeous goddess. Don't spend too much money trying to buy what you already have. My best friend is a SHARK at her sales job but claims to clam up socially. We always laugh at it because I could never handle sales yet I LOVE putting myself out there and challenging myself socially. I like to walk in like I own the place and pick the people whom I know I could have the most random conversations with. Trust me, the universe transformed me when I got divorced. I used to be painfully shy.