e-signs of the iTimes

i'd say i'm back in the saddle again in the dating world, but it's more like i ran straight at the horse, jumped on bareback, and took off at a mad gallop.

i reinstated my membership over at eHarmony and took out a month membership over at match.com just to see what would happen. i've told all my friends that not only am i wanting a serious, committed relationship, but i even said i'm offering an award of 500$ to the person who introduces me to my future spouse.

it's my way of saying, "dude, i'm serious."

meeting people in the real world is a little more difficult, especially since i work in a small salon surrounded by nothing but women. i have no interaction with the other people at work, really. and i'm the new person, so it's not like they're even familiar faces i've seen for the past year like at my old store.

we'll see what happens, though.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful, babe. Aside from that little warning as is mandatory of an overprotective brother, I say GOOD FOR YOU!

Greg said...

i would echo mr. bear: be careful. but don't be tentative. and i would stay away from 'matches' from the idaho area. lol.

thanks for letting me know your support is always there for me. it means a lot. for once though, i've been pretty much staying in my own mind instead of bitching and complaining to anyone who'll listen. i don't know where things are heading, but i know i'll be okay. love you, babe.