thursday thirteen #5

Thirteen Blogs I Read Addictively

1. Author-Hopeful
okay, okay, shameless plug. see previous post about wanting to dedicate something a little more, well, dedicated to my writing.
2. Words of a Bohemian Mom
okay, aside from the fact that this funkalicious woman totally and utterly ROCKS, she's also a kindred spirit of Funk. *nod*
3. Dragonheart
i don't think i've ever met a cuter kitty. and i've met some cute ones! he's just so adorable i wanna take him home for my very own!
4. Jenny Up the Hill
this woman is hilarious, and amazing, and her dedication to her kids is phenominal
5. Agent X
rachel vater is a literary agent, aka someone i want to be submitting awesome mss to one of these days here soon. she even represents the genre i write, which is a bonus. it's a great reference. "mystical objects that save the day, bad. original characters and new spins, check."
6. Paperback Writer
she's someone i hope to be someday soon.
7. Pub Rants
again, another literary agent who kinda represents the genre i write, but she's more a chick lit rep. however, her point of view is indespensable, and her writing makes me feel like she's someone i could actually talk to. that's hard to do.
8. Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels
prepare. to die. laughing. their book cover snark sessions are priceless.
9. Miss Snark
she may not represent my genre, but here's a woman who really cares about her little snarklings. she puts on her infamous Crapometer, and the snarklings only cry, "Thank you, oh Stilletto-Heeled Snarkalicious One! please, may i have another?" one of these days i'll actually muster up the courage to jump into one of her crapometers.
10. Randy Ingermanson
my writing guru. no more need be said.
11. Penelope Twist
she's absolutely adorable, and it's amazing that she can keep her sweet, childlike nature with all the crap she's been through.
12. Misplaced in the Midwest
this guy's absolutely priceless. i've been reading his sunday scribblings for a while, and he just amazes me. not to mention the brass pair he and his wife have to have, to move to paris and live for a year like they're preparing to do...
13. A Life Less Normal
she's incredible, and i never get tired of reading about her life. she used to actually read my blog once upon a time, and she even gave me the most incredible compliment. she said, "well that depends on what kind of knowledge we are talking about. but i think delena is someone i learn alot about the human spirit." she linked my old blog, but this was back in '04 anyway. that kind of compliment stays with me.


Kate Davies said...

Great list! I've got several of these blogs on my daily visit schedule. And I can tell I'll be adding some new ones as well!


Xilly said...

Good idea. Maybe I should consider this on my next TT. :)

Ingrid said...

i should go check on those blogs!! they sound interesting!

samulli said...

I was actually considering doing exactly such a list as my TT this week. Just turned out I was too lazy, so I used something I had sitting there as a draft for the last 2 weeks.
Now I'm off to check out some of those links.

Naeva - Mom of 2 said...

Great list of blogs...am heading to their pages!

Dragonheart said...

I am honoured. :) Thank you for mentioning my blog and for saying I'm cute! :) I really appreciate it. :)

I'll have to check out the other blogs on your list. :) You clearly have good taste! ;)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!
I have never hear of TT.
But I do have my "village" that I try to visit each day.
Everyone inspires me so.
As you do!!!