rock-out schmoozefest!!

okay, so i know i'm, like, totally late on this, but a while ago i was awarded a few blog awards by some of my biggest, Funkiest, most zen-ified and buddhalicious idols: boho mom and mich. and in keeping with the spirit of these awards, i have to now pick five people for each award and pass on the torch. however, that would mean that everyone on my blogroll (which is teenie, since i'm rather finicky about what i read) would get both! as funkalicious as that would be, i don't think that's really what the makers of the award had in mind. so, i picked one for each, and i hope that they can pass on the award to five other bloggers.

first was the rockin' girl award, which totally made my week when i read that boho mom had bestowed it upon my humble self. thank you, you sweet and adorable, zentastic goddess!!!

and so i award the rockin girl award to...

azzy! ...oh goodness goddess! this fantastical and masterful muse is the pint glass for my cider, the spoon for my ice cream, the spark for my inspiration, and the whole reason i even think i have a shot at becoming a published author. we've known each other for, what, just about ten years now? back in '98, come to think of it. wow... she had this awesome fantasy message board she'd created, and through the years we created some phenominal storylines. my writing grew, and it was all because of the environment she provided for myself and others, and i'd be years writing about the way she inspired me. if anyone's a rockin' girl, it's azzy!!

mwa! *blows kisses* love ya, girl!

mich awarded me the power of schmooze award. this is for bloggers who actually go out and touch others in the blogosphere, whether through comments, emails, tagboards, or belonging to an ivillage, like rainbow dreams. through the wonderiffic power of schmooze, the blogger helps create a sense of community, friendship, and all-around good-feelings to other bloggers.

and so now i, delena, do hereby pass the power of schmooze award to kotabear, one of my adopted brothers and a new bear to the blogosphere. but he's doing a really good job and keeping to his goals to blog pretty much every day, and he showed a true desire to help build the blog community by asking for advice from readers on how to go about doing that. in my opinion, that definitely shows the power of schmooze!!!

blog on, you rockin' bloggers, you!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! *tears up and sniffles* I'm honored! *does the fat man boogey for Dee* Thanks so much for choosing me for the schmooze award! I'll pass it on, I will! You rock, mama!!!!

Az said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and the award. Jimbo thanks you too. *wink*

Greggo said...

awww..... *i* wanted the rockin' girl blogger award!

that was a joke. i still have a sense of humor. :-)

Anonymous said...

Rock on!