a wonderful idea...

so one of my silverfox brothers, *ks*, has this wonderful thing he does on his blog occasionally that i really admire. i've always thought to myself, "y'know, a list of goals is a fantastic idea. i should do that."

and i never do.

part of that is because i know once it's actually on paper it's, like, i'm committed. and i'm not really good with bonds and shackles. i usually work better just knowing what needs to be done. the list is in my head. oh, sure, i'll make "lists of things to do," and i'll even make lists of the lists i need to make. i even have a "list of Last Meals" i'm working on right now, of all my favorite places to eat here in the portland metro area, and i'm determined to hit every last one of them before i move away.

but tonight i decided to make a list of goals. there are just so many i have lately, in so many categories that it's getting difficult to keep it all straight.

so, here they are:

(in no particular order)
1. have all my stuff packed by the last week of september
2. save up enough to be able to afford the ass-rape that will be moving expenses
3. be in idaho by the first week of october
4. get my field training finished at work
5. get my certification as a commissioned groomer
6. get down to a decent jeans size
7. get both pairs of my chica shoes fixed before i leave
8. make a new AMV
9. adopt those two kitties *m* and i liked over at the tigard adoption center
10. straighten up my room
11. get back on a regular gym regimen
12. clean up my diet after this loss of Funk
13. get the oil changed in the Funkmobile
14. get the Funkmobile's windshield replaced
15. give the Funkmobile a funky new paint job, black with pink airbrushing
16. get the Funkmobile new tires
17. finish the list of Things to Get for the New Apartment
18. decide on and get a decent haircut from my stylist

and...okay, that's enough for now. the sheer cost of most of these things on this list is depressing me, lol.

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Anonymous said...

Good list, if somewhat long! Take it in bits and pieces, love, and all will be well. That's what I do! Little bits at a time.

If you need a hand getting any of this done, even if it's just a little support and encouragement to remind you that you can, you know I'm here for you. :)

BTW - Thanks for the accidental reminder that I need to update my list. Hehehe. Us and our lists, eh?