grace isn't just "god's neat, let's eat!"

the fact that there exists beyond ourselves and our conscious will a powerful force that nurtures our growth and evolution is enough to turn our notions of self-insignificance upside down.

for the existence of this force, once we perceive it, indicates with incontrovertible certainty that our human spiritual growth is of the utmost importance to something greater than ourselves. this "something" we call God or Creator (and which delena calls the Supreme Funk). the existence of grace is prime evidence not only of the reality of the Great and Jubalicious Wa-Hoo, but also of the reality that the Heroine With a Thousand Ruses’ will is devoted to the growth of the individual human spirit. what once seemed a fairy tale turns out to be reality.

we live our lives in the eye of the Wealthy Anarchist Burning Heaven to the Ground, and not at the periphery but at the center of Their vision. the human(e) race is in the midst of making an evolutionary leap, and whether we succeed or not in that leap is our personal responsibility. grace is the Funky Chicken With Soul's gift to all of creation in the Multiverse. through grace we know we are being welcomed, the Universe --aside from secretly conspiring to shower us with blessings-- is a stepping stone and has been laid out for us. we ourselves must step across it, one stone at a time.

grace indicates humanity to be in oneness with the universe. we are hardly lost in the universe; we are part of the whole and can never detach from it even if we wanted to. remember, we were there when the Multi-Versal Jiggy Snake sent the universe spinning into being with one excited "Wee!" one can learn religions, but to know spirituality is to feel it. it's a unique transition and transformation you feel when pain transforms you...and you let it.

some fight against it. how to surrender is the key. when you are at wit's end and you think the pain couldn't get any worse, one of two things happens. either you let it conquer you and die a little inside, or it happens. surrender is all about letting go of control. it's not easy, because everyone wants it and works very hard to achieve it. but once you do surrender, you can't go back. you feel very different, like all of a sudden the world around you is different. it is different.

that's what it means to find the Funk. when the Divine Wow within you connects with your true self, your own inner funk. you find the Funk, brah. find the Funk.

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Anonymous said...

Easy? No, in fact it sounds quite terrifying. Letting go - having faith - is the hardest thing to do. I couldn't do it when I had a defined 'god' to believe in, and now that I'm really nowhere spiritually, it's that much harder. What's funny is, even though I find it so hard to let go and surrender to whatever is out there... I have no more faith in my own control anyway.