down for the count

well, we've finally turned in the keys to the old apartment and are completely moved in over here. now comes the Great Unpacking.

i've actually already finished my room, for the most part. we gimpy folk have already gone from sore, to agony, to falling apart. i'm in so much pain i've actually past the point of registering any sensation at all, and through the other side to crippling soreness. wow, so much yayfunness...

but my bedroom looks great. my new bed arrived early saturday morning, and we braced my king sized bookshelf headboard (made for a waterbed) on two waist-high bookshelves, with my bed under the headboard. the end result is my bed, and thus me sleeping, surrounded by a shrine to knowledge and sci-fi and fantasy. it's great. my tv faces my bed, so i can curl up and watch snatch while trying to fall asleep. my terrarium with louie the anole is on the coffee table, and we have an office again!

the kitties are loving it, but they're also still wide-eyed and meowing everywhere. the mafia twins are farking obnoxious, but what can you expect from kittens?

anyway, my feet are crying their little hearts out, so i'm gonna go soak them, and curl up with something spiked with enough alcohol that i don't feel a thing.

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amy said...

I remember when we moved in..It took a bit for the cats to figure things out, and now they own the place