ah, wheels...

so i went to the dealership yesterday thinking that all i was gonna do was repair my rear CV boot (passenger side) on the Funkmobile. of course, as they looked at my darling car, apparently there was rubber on my axles that needed replacing soon.

"great," i said. "just do it, my blessing, call me when it's done. keep the car overnight if you have to." this was after two hours of lunching at red robin (yay, burgers!), and by that time it was 16:45, so i figured why not? get it done.

so i got a shuttle home.

then i was thinking about that hole in the Funkmobile's muffler... decided to call the dealership back up and see how much it would cost. everything together would still be under a grand, so i gave them my blessing.

hence, i have been without Funkmobile since then, and will be without it for another day.

le sigh.

but when i get her back? oh yeah, me 'n the Funkmobile are gonna rock. a thousand bucks poorer, but we'll rock the casbah baby, oh yeah.

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