notes from the universe

The only person you really have to make happy, Delena, is you.

Good thing you're so cool -
The Universe

PS.There's no one I trust or believe in more, Delena, on such an important subject

that's pretty much the conclusion i reached this weekend: my path might not seem the wisest to some --and might actually offend or piss off others (which has already happened, actually, and was the cause of a LOT of emotional stress for me)-- but it's the wisest for me.

me and only me.

which is all i care about.

family is and will always be my first priority, and i am my second priority, which is somewhat of a new concept for me. but if that offends or angers some people, they can call me up and i'll verbally describe exactly what they can do and which orifice they can pack with it.

other things with which i came to accept:

  • i'm doing the right thing, and i know it.
  • sometimes the best and most useful work is completely intangible. i shouldn't feel increasing guilt over having nothing tangible yet that i can point to and say, "see? there is my success and justification."
  • money will always be available.
  • the happiness and universal contentment of my family is the only yardstick by which i measure my success. it's the only measurement that's worth a damn to me.
  • smart people can be stupid sometimes, too.
  • in regards to Project: Bio-Mom, all i'm really obligated to tell her is that her words reached me, and i respond, but i've also been quite happy and content without her in my life. i am not responsible for her emotional reaction. her hypocrisy is intolerable in the standards of the Funkywild.
  • we always win. we always have, and we always will.

and i am okay with all of this.

so mote it be.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous enlightening trip you had. Almost like camping with the Buddha.
Your strength, fortitude and positive energy leap right out of this post and into my heart.
I am so happy for you, for your determination, for all the changes you are experiencing.
Yeah, good thing you're so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey goddess!

I love a gal who knows what she wants ... damn everyone else ... be true to yourself!!


Sacred Suzie said...

Way to go! Self-acceptance is awesome and important and you're right, smart people can have moments of stupidity. And be close-minded! The magickal path is a tough one but the more you are open and walk in the light, the more like-minded people will find you.

So mote it be!