so.cal revisited

so a friend of mine came up from so.cal for a visit last week. we had a lot of fun, and did a lot of running around. whenever someone i know and love comes to visit me in "my" city, i'm always determined to show them the best and brightest of, and all my favorite little things only a local would find.

we went to john barleycorn's, which is another McMenamins - a favorite pub only found here in the pac northwest. they make this stout, called Terminator, and make a chocolate milkshake from it. i can't stand brews, but that stout milkshake is so killer, omg. have a small sampler of Terminator straight up, then have them bring you the milkshake, and you can taste the stout. for some reason, stout + chocolate milkshake = orgasmic deliciousness.

the table where we chose to sit wasn't anywhere near our usual choices, so we got to see a pic that i don't normally see. it was the topic of many conversations throughout dinner. we nearly killed ourselves coming up with captions that just made us die laughing.

"and what do you want me to do with this?"
"...you've got to be kidding."
"out playing cards and drinking all night and you bring home this?"

and my personal favorite:
"it's dangerous out there. here, take this."

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