notes from the universe

Even when the earth suddenly shakes, tides unexpectedly surge, and all hope seems lost, in the split second that follows I have a brand new plan, I know what we'll do, and I've got the pedal to the metal.

Just get back in your saddle and ride,
The Universe

PS. Metaphorically, Delena. I don't mean earthquakes and hurricanes, but friends who disappoint, connections that have faded, and dreams that seem to have been left in tatters.

funny i should find this note in my email box yesterday, since the theme here at iGoddess lately seems to be stress, thresholds, and evolution to higher states of being. it's in that split second that follows. of course, "split second" to the Universe can mean a little bit more time for us solid, linear beings, but still.

i had the great good fortune to watch this process happen in an email that a dear reader of iGoddess wrote to me. it was the most amazing thing to watch him as his mind and heart operated in his old paradigm, which was not only not working, but was getting in his way big time. and in the course of this email, i watched the input struggle, the threshold limit reached and breached, and then like a flood as a river breaks an old dam, the new system broke through and was so liberating, so strong, so freeing for him.

that's exactly what i'm talking about. exactly what physics talks about, what spirituality talks about, what the Universe talks about. and it's such a simple process...once we stop struggling with ourselves.

right now, with this particular system, i'm still in the struggling-with-myself stage. but it's getting better. in fact, i took my dad up on his invitation to go camping with him, mom, and the dogs this weekend. i'm gonna go give myself a crash course in not struggling.

may you Funkify your unFunk, and may the Funk be with you.

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Brandi said...

all the internal chaos gives birth to direction and inspiration-I firmly believe this.

have fun camping!