this week in a post

shortly after noon today, i will be in the air headed to ft. lauderdale for a two-day business and online marketing conference.

lemme tell you, the planning and monetary demands of this trip have been monumentally craptastic. we're talking "delena wants to set her hair on fire" caliber.

*ks* said, "well, if you think about it, the planning and the events leading up to this have been a disaster...but it's the being there that you wanted. so forget about all this crap, and just enjoy being there." y'know, he had a point. "you're going to go there and enjoy the beach," he went on, "and you're going to learn some fantastic things about marketing that you can then bring home and implement. so enjoy it."

i think i'll try me a bit of that. i've brought *ds*'s laptop with me (to her everlasting benevolence, i will sing her praises to the last turning of the earth), and have *ks*'s digi-cam with me, so when i figure it out, there will be pictures. knowing me, there will probably be a pathetically huge amount of pictures.

sheesh, i still haven't posted about my camping trip. although suffice it to say, if i wasn't on this loaner linux box (while *mj* tries to repair my dead pc), i prolly would've already touched up a few pics and posted them up here. but as i'm not on a windows machine but am instead using linux-based programs, i don't have photoshop. there's a linux-friendly version, but...it's not photoshop.

and i can never sleep before a flight. it's seven minutes 'till 05:00 as i write this, and i'm still awake waiting for my yoga pants to come out of the dryer. i am determined to wear jammies on the flight. if i'm gonna be sitting for over seven hours either in a tin can with wings, or in a terminal with a gajillion other people, i'm going to be comfy in a white hanes t-shirt and jammy pants, dammit.

in fact, i refuse to take any other shoes but my flip-flops. marvel and revel in the adorable orange-painted toes that are mine, mwa ha ha!

we spent tonight de-flea-ing the house. rumblestrut, my darling rumbly-bumbly, has demonstrated an extreme sensitivity to fleas that a stupid-ass neighbor brought with her and set loose upon our cat-filled house. rumbles, as it turns out, has severe allergies, and we found a pinkie-tip-sized crater of a cold sore on his lip, which is a response to fleas.


no, seriously. grr, dammit.

so we sprayed them, flea-bathed them, and sprayed the shit out of the apartment with this really neat, eucalyptus-tea-tree-smelling stuff that's pleasant...until about an hour later when it's just a trifle overpowering. hours later, the kitties are still traumatized from their horrendous baths, but then...they're not over-grooming and going crazy from flea bitey itchiness anymore, either.

but i still have to take rumbles to the vet, probably for cortisone shots and most likely an allergy regimen, as well. after how awful i feel, having totally failed him as a kitty mama, that boy will get whatever he needs, and he'll never want for anything ever again.

on the flip side, i think i feel stronger about *cr* than i did the last time i posted about him. i'm still letting him steer and am keeping this totally pressure-free. if it turns into a real something, great. and if it doesn't, then that's great, too.

and as part of my lessons to myself about learning to let go, i finally gave in to my curiosity and started playing World of Warcraft. and i like it.

so totally craptastic week. and somehow i survived. now i just gotta get through the weekend.


Anonymous said...

("so forget about all this crap, and just enjoy being there.")

This is fabulous news. Have a great time and learn lots... when you're not on the beach, having drinks with fruit in them!

I admire you. I am scared to death to fly. Won't do it - nope - just won't - ever!

Rob said...

What server are you on?!?!

Please say Valen....