CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Norepinephrine is a hormone that can make you feel good even when it's generated by stress. According to a study by the Positive Health Center in London, successful women produce that hormone in abundance. I have no medical research, just astrological guesswork, to back up my claim that you Capricorns will have a special relationship with norepinephrine in the coming weeks. As a result, high- pressure situations that might have sapped your energy or frayed your nerves in the past may actually energize you. You could find yourself having a blast as you push harder to foster excellence.

i thought about this one, and i actually have to agree with him in retrospect. at first i didn't, and i couldn't see how this week's reading could actually apply to me, but i must agree...i've gotten a new personal relationship with naturally-produced norepinephrine.

i've done a lot this month, i really have. and i've spent even more. sometimes my breath catches when i realize just how much i've spent, and that it's my neck on the line for over ten thousand dollars. but...

and here's the kicker...

...it doesn't stress or freak me out the way you'd think it would. it gets me, and my breath catches. i apparently get a look on my face, or fall silent, because either *ds* or *ks* inevitably comes to me and asks if everything's all right. i tell them. there's their hand on my shoulder, and i remember to breathe.

and then i remember why i did it in the first place, and i remember that i'm going to be so wildly successful ima freakin' pwn the entrepreneurial world.

and i'm still single --haven't committed to anything except my family and my business-- but when he comes, it'll be fantasmically wonderlicious. sometimes i wonder if i've met him already. sometimes i wonder when i will. and sometimes i wonder why the hell i'm even wondering.

because when it all gets boiled down, my family is happy and thriving and that's all that matters. and these things that normally would have seen me set my hair on fire already?

...meh. i've seen worse, and i'm still here. it's all cake and pie, baby.

may the Funk be with you.


Anonymous said...

This post made me smile.
but then again, all your posts do.

Greg said...

have i told you lately how freakin' much i love you?

This Guy said...

LOVE IT! LOVE YOU! hehehe You always manage to make me smile! ;)

Jane said...

Damn straight goddess! Love will come when you stop looking and sput your energies elsewhere ;))

Anonymous said...

You go girl!