CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): I would love to place an elegant gold crown on your head. I have the urge to declare you monarch of the expanding realm, maker of new laws, and reshaper of the collective vision. Are you up for wielding that much power? Can you handle an increased level of responsibilities? Or would you prefer to preside over a smaller domain, content merely to keep the daily grind from erupting into chaos now and then? It's mostly up to you. What do you want?

what do I want?

(well, aside from preferring silver, or white gold to actual gold...)

i have been monarch of my new and expanding realm. i am queen mother, high priestess, and supreme goddess of delena land.

something's been happening during this chaos-and-rebuild. something in me's been going through and finding all those things that seem reasonable but severely don't work for me, and has simply been upending and totally demolishing them. in ripping out all that facing, underneath i've been finding the most beautiful and luminescent peace and simplicity.

my new laws are natural laws, not ones i or anyone else has written, but just laws that are: serenity, simplicity, love.

and as i get higher above the chaos, i find not more laws, but fewer. i find not more responsibilities, but fewer.

i've learned to be quiet with myself. i've learned what the monks and swamis call "Be Here Now." now is all there is. on my blog i might say much, only because unless it's experienced, this experience cannot really be described...but i try to anyway. in person? i find i'm talking less and less, being quieter and more still. this isn't a state or emotion to encounter and meet with excitement, but one to sit with and be still with. time loses meaning here.

this is my domain, and this is my headdress. this is my medicine stick.

it simply Is.


Brandi said...

gorgeous and beautiful and full post. I love those moments when I realize the 'have to's' of life are not mine and I don't have to follow them.

This Guy said...

Amazing post! It's difficult for me to "be here now"... When I did my Yoga training one of my Swamis always asked me "can you be alone with yourself, do you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments?"

I love this post!! :)