i would say, "it's about frackin' time..."

...but that wouldn't be very dignified or At Peace of me, would it?

screw it.

it's about frackin' time! i got my business loan today, finally. the lady was nice, except for about a half hour when she wouldn't stop pushing me and i very nearly bit her head off. i was feeling quite munchy at the time, too, and almost laid it out for her.

luckily, i didn't have to.

so i have my business loan. now comes the advertising campaign of doom.

also, first thing i did with that loan money was take my rumbly-bumbly to the vet. ever since i brought him home, he's been a sniffly li'l kid. the sniffles, sneezing (sometimes over two dozen sneezes in a row, and yes, i've counted), wheezy and raspy breathing, swollen and runny eyes...he's been a mess. i thought it was a cold or allergies, so i took him to the vet and had his shots taken care of, and got him tested for feline leukemia.

thank the goddess it wasn't that!

then the money ran out, and i was giving him reiki and putting airborne in the kitty fountain until i could do something. finally, this loan.

it's not allergies, which i was convinced it was considering the flare-ups. the vet said it was herpes simplex, and most kitties are exposed and are carriers. my poor baby is just one of the lucky ones to manifest symptoms. he'll always have it, but now i have meds and a plan of action to manage this and keep him comfortable. and if it gets bad to the point where i just can't stand how uncomfortable he is (which won't be difficult to do, since i really am a fussy mother on the inside) i can pop on in and have them give him a cortisone shot.

thank the gods i have answers. i hate not knowing what's going on, and watching him suffer.

all this means now is that rumblestrut's going to be the kid with the chronic health problem that gets totally fussed over and lavished upon because of it.

i have No Problem with this.

he's my darling rumbly-bumbly, my strapping, nearly-thirteen-pound bruiser who's as graceful as a drunk elephant. oh, my kitty-poo, i love you.


Anonymous said...

Awww ... now that's what I call true lurve ...

I'd go to the ends of the earth for Trinity too!


This Guy said...

Beating up the Loan lady, not a good way to secure your loan! hehehe I am glad she didnt push you too far, you might have had to say a few choice words to her! ;) lol

I hope Rumbly is feeling better soon! ;)