daily deelite

1. i was driving home from the cleaners here in my hometown, after getting a dress fitted for alterations for my li'l sis *rc*'s wedding next saturday. it's a very beautiful day, not too warm or too breezy, and there's not a single cloud in the cerulean sky. it's quite lovely. to get to my apartment down the main drive through town, you pass the library, a park, go down a hill and drive across a bridge spanning a creek and a very lush, very green little gulley. it's quite charming. the Funkmobile and i were coasting downhill in neutral and i looked in my rearview mirror --as is habit at that particular spot-- and the view i saw was so beautiful --bright blue sky, green trees, no cars behind me so i felt alone on a charming country road-- just added another layer of reinforcement to the deep love i have for where i live.

i love oregon. i love portland. i love my little town of half-hour-away-from-anything-good.

i love where i live. once again, i'm so glad i live here.

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Anonymous said...

(*grinning) see, that's the difference between you and I - I would look in the rearview mirror and "see no cars behind me so i felt alone on a charming country road", and immediately think of a horror movie or a Twilight Zone episode. You - feel the love.

Just kidding :) (I think?). It sounds like a beautiful coast downhill and I love the positive energy of where you live.