let it be

talk about speaking words of wisdom. it was rather cute, honestly...

*backing up...*

so this month has been monstrously busy, but i think it's finally slowing down. i'm actually going on a date tonight! i know. whoa. there was the business trip that ike ate, the camping trip with mom and dad, my sister *rc*'s wedding (altho i suppose she's *re* now???), my kitty-poo's trip to the vet, the Funkmobile's trip to the vet, more trips to the vet for all four kitties yesterday (we had a massive flea attack, so everyone got boarded and we bombed. i was running out of the apartment yelling, "charlieeeee! incomiiiiiing!"), running around to target for a toaster (effing YAYNESS!) and office depot for a file cabinet and a really irresistable brown-and-pink-trim bag that i got for TWO BUCKS...and there was supposed to be a vegas trip for another seminar, but i cancelled that one. i'm kinda tired, and i haven't seen *c* since before the business trip that ike ate.

today i'm having lunch with my insurance agent (she's so rockin' cool), and tomorrow i'm headed over to *cc* and *mj*'s to kitty sit while they're in tennessee subjecting *cc* to her in-laws (my prayers go with you, my sister). next month, i get to do the same thing for mom and dad for three weeks (???) while they take a trip to scotland.

i woke up kinda early, so i thought i'd hop on WoW and just do things like check mail and level up my professions, and chat to people in my guild and ally channels. it's as pleasant as morning coffee. my phone rings and i think, "good thing i didn't decide to go back to sleep."

it was my bio-dad just calling to say hello since we hadn't talked in a while. i felt so bad, i told him, because things have been so busy and expensive, and i haven't even thought about calling people. i haven't even been sending out my, "*HUGS!* okay, i heart u!" text messages lately, i've been so spread thin. so we talked a bit, and he was all, "so...you're turning thirty in a few months, aren't you?" i said yeah, and he whistled through his teeth.

"i keep telling people that i'm just turning thirty, flirty, and fabulous," i said. to be honest, facing my thirties doesn't intimidate or depress me. kinda the opposite. it's like, okay, my twenties are over. now i can be serious and have people take me seriously. i'm kinda looking forward to my thirties, looking forward to what's in store for me. wonderful things happen in that era.

and my dad kinda gave me this new outlook. he said that every decade is like a different lifetime that you really --in retrospect-- gotta take as itself. and he told me he finally learned not to live for anything else, but to just do what he likes and what makes him happy.

i love hearing that. and it also makes me feel like i kinda got a head start in that department.

it was a really nice morning conversation, just my ol' dad imparting wisdom to a growing daughter. my 29th birthday wasn't nearly so special as i think this one will be. kinda looking forward to being thirty, flirty, and fabulous. and i kinda like being on the receiving end of my bio-dad's caring wisdom. it's such a far cry from where we were ten years ago today, that's for sure.

ah, how we've all grown, eh?


Anonymous said...

I still remember my 30th ... himmm a 6'5" swedish guy picked me up ... threw me over his shoulder ... and took me home for the weekend ...

.... I'm all flushed just thinking about it!


This Guy said...

OMG!! A DATE??? Oh girl, should be a good blog post in the morning! ;) hehehehe

Yes! you have been a busy busy lady this month! Hopefully October gives you some more relaxation time!! I hope anyways!!

Wow, the big 30 eh? This is totally a new beginning for you! I totally agree with your dad!! New decade, new outlook! Im 27, but I hear the 30's are awesome! I acutally can't wait! I know by then things will be more "together" for me than they are now! :)

Be good on your date! ;)
Bret xoxo

Anonymous said...

oh Wow! Happy happy Birthday!!!
I barely remember my 30th...there were actually 2 parties and we all just kept going back and forth. One at my apartment, and one at my boyfriend's.

And hope your date was funkalicious!