so remember that wedding i was gonna be in? yeah, it's later today. i'm actually posting this from *rc*'s laptop here in the hotel room. we had an adventurous day with the wedding rehearsal (which i missed, lol) and mom absconding with all our stuff for hours on end.


but now we're here, with the majority of a huge bottle of barefoot moscato gone. we jumped on the bed, had security called on us, played with mud masks (yay, mud!), and now we're doing relay showers.

i made *rc* play "choose the shoes" because i had such a helluva time trying to find something to go with the strapless, 3/4 length red thing she's having me wear. the 3/4 length is enough to make me look about as shapely as a refrigerator box. white shoes looked like hell (and it's after labor day), and anything red and strappy made my feet look like i had tried to shoehorn pork sausages into strappy red teacups.

so i tossed five pairs in, including a new curvy suede pair i'd just bought, and told her, "choose the shoes, chica."

...she chose my favorite "fuck me heels."

not that i intend to get laid at the reception or anything. in fact, right after the service and pics are done, i'm running around barefoot. but still. i was quite happy.

it'll be good. and it'll be a beautiful day, and my sister's so happy and excited. we're having a hair/makeup person come to make us all prettiful.

just thought i'd mention.


Anonymous said...

Have fun goddess! We want photos too!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun out there!

Brandi said...

my bridesmaids also wore red tea length dresses-and looked divine! :-)

they got to choose whatever strappy black heels they wanted-and part of my gift to them was flip flops to run around in the minute pics were done. :-)

have fun!

This Guy said...

Geeze, those sound like a good pair of shoes! You should post a pic of those!! :P hehehe

Weddings make me cry, they are just so loving and happy!! THAT and I'm always the brides made (3 times now) and never the bride! lol