i like ike

so my flight was cancelled, i couldn't get anything out to florida any sooner than 18:00 EST, which would have left me out of an entire day of seminar educational goodness.

hurricanes rock.

i haven't slept all night, and the night before was kinda bad sleep, too. so ima go to bed.

when my refunds clear my account, i'm taking my rumblestrutskin to the vet, dammit.

peace, yo.

PS. on a completely random note, did you know it takes EXACTLY two hours to go from sitting inside my car in my parking spot at home, to the airport long-term parking lot, to the shuttle, to the terminal, to the disappointed-yet-kinda-happy shock that my flight was cancelled, back through the terminal, to the shuttle, to long-term parking, and back to my car? and when i mean exactly, i mean to the minute.



Brandi said...

a hurricane derailed our cruise for our one year anniversary too...and we ended up having a blast anyway.

glad you are safe and sound!

This Guy said...

AH! Well I'm glad your safe and on the ground! I'm afraid to fly as it is, I couldnt imagine the butterflies in my tummy if I had to board an airplane knowing there was a huricane out there somewhere!! Thats halarious that it took exactly 2 hours! lol

Anonymous said...

Ah Dee ... ya crazy gal!