CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Welcome to Part Two of your outlook for the second half of 2008, Capricorn. How have you been progressing with the challenges you were given near the end of last year? I trust that you've been hungry for new ideas, fresh approaches, and novel adventures. And I hope that this has resulted in you receiving more invitations, dares, and temptations than you've ever had. If what I just said describes your current state of affairs, I extend my hearty congratulations and remind you that you're only half way through this awakening process. If what I said doesn't fit your experience, get busy!

again with the serendipity of tuning in more and more clearly to the Pronoia News Network! just the other day i emailed my greggo and said these words:
this revolution of the mind is phenominal, greggo, lemme tell you. other things are building, too, but i want to sit on those and see where i go from here before i tell those stories. but here i am at the halfway mark for the Year of the Delena, and so many things are manifesting it's just freakin' amazing. like back in january, my horoscope said, "Events in 2008 will bring you big deliveries of the next best things to riches and fame. You'll get more proof than you've had in a long time that God and fate adore you" and look how that's played out. it's like i leveled up big-time, like in d&d, and suddenly life, the universe, and everything have jumped to a higher energy level. the stakes are higher, the joys are deeper, the laughter's richer, and the philosophies are infinitely more phenominal but i have the capacity to understand them now. it really is a whole different playing field, and the old delena is SO gone, i can't even really comprehend how her thinking used to work, actually.

kinda funny, isn't it?

go, me!

however, no resting on my laurels. i'm gonna celebrate how far i've come, give myself a pat on the back. although, in my case, it's a nice pampering pedicure. this time around, i'm thinking a nice bright blue with pink rhinestones and artwork on my big toes. i treated myself to lunch yesterday afternoon. it was nothing fancy, just mongolian grill, but it's one of my favoritest spots in the portland metro. i was working on some of my journaling and exercises while i ate, so it wasn't just me sitting back enjoying with no forward momentum.

but i celebrated my successes and acknowledged how far i've come, the work i've put in, and the obstacles i've cleared out of my way with all the passionate Funk that's become my trademark. yay, me!

however, as mr. brezsny said, the Year of the Delena is only half over. i've got more work to do...only y'know what?

psst! it doesn't feel like work!

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Goddess of Leonie said...

i so heart brezsny's stuff... so many times his readings have sung home :)

lovely to find your blog ~
bright, deep and dear blessings to you