daily deelite

1. i am grateful that, whatever my financial situation is now, it's nothing like what it can be, or what it used to be. i still have the power to do what i want...LIKE GET PEDICURES! there's nothing wonderfuller than walking out of the salon with adorable, colorful toes. people said, "wow, that's...green. ...why green?"

"because green means 'go!!'" i said.

2. i am hugely tired today, however not only is the cause totally worth it, but i am thankful to the people who have taught me what i now know about relationships to have made last night possible. i spent it watching movies and having dinner with someone i've been seeing, and we fell asleep on his couch curled up together. it was so comfortable, so innocuous, and even though he's barely gotten to the kissed-my-forehead stage after a month of pretty consistent company, that's perfectly fine with me. i am so grateful for what i have learned about men, women, and the nature of healthy relationships.

3. i am grateful for the simple fact that, when i am hungry, i can go into the kitchen, open the door to an electrical device that keeps food cold and preserved, and pull out something to satisfy my hunger. however, in line with gratitude no.1 above, i'm also extremely grateful that, should i need to, i can hop in my Funkmobile and drive somewhere that sells pre-cooked food that's fast, cheap, and easy.

4. speaking of, i am SO THANKFUL for my Funkmobile!! she's still running nicely, treats me well, plays music loud enough to make me happy, and still gets me from point A to point B. what a good little car...

5. i'm so grateful that i have so much in my life to be grateful FOR! and grateful toward. and the more i have to be grateful for, the more i find TO be grateful for! blessings are piling up, or perhaps they're simply becoming easier to see now that i'm practicing gratitude. but i don't remember the last time i'd looked around and seen so much abundance! and it humbles me, and fills me with gratitude...

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Az said...

Green toe nails!! Very cool. :D