what's past is prologue

i am a writer of stories.

those stories you enjoy all tucked into your bed, those stories you dream when your mind is a million miles away. those stories you hear in a whisper and know there is a world beneath a few words. stories that stay with you forever. stories you forget in a turn.


we all have our stories.

your story began the day you came into existence. your story began the day you were born. your story began the day you fell in love, became a parent, got your first job, had your first kiss. your story began.

every waking moment we are creating our stories. every moment is a fresh beginning, where the past is prologue.

my story began today. this very moment. last monday when i got That Package in the mail. the wednesday after, when FedEx dropped off That Other Package. yesterday, when i actively created my day in my own image and It Was So. this morning, when i played god again, and It Was Good.

a new book opened up for me today. the title is Delena of the Funkywild. this character, the heroine, is a very rich and layered character, fully developed even on page 1. her backstory is incredibly vivid, filled with much pain, growth, and blessings.

as we see her on page 1, she is on the cusp of turning thirty. friends her age are lamenting the loss of their twenty-somethings, getting depressed or taking up smoking or reacting by sleeping with a parade of much younger men. she can't wait to begin being "thirty, flirty, and fabulous!" she's a mexican-american feeling somewhat displaced in the pacific northwest, where her culture is conspicuously absent yet remaining a very deep part of herself. her motivating factor is not obvious; it's not even hinted at, but it's there: her every waking moment, her driving goals, even the reason she gets out of bed every morning is for her only child whom she hasn't seen in three years.

there is no angst in her anymore; she's grown out of that phase and made peace with her inner child. they celebrated by sharing strawberry jam sandwiches and soymilk while playing with my little pony. her archetypes mutated to forms that would be unrecognizable to anyone in what she calls her "former life."

this heroine is a Thunder Walker about to take her first steps into a larger realm where the Movers and the Shakers live and breathe the paradigm her soul has hungered after her entire life.

the real story is just beginning. what does the back cover blurb say?

Delena's life is about to get far more interesting than anything she'd ever imagined. Having conquered the Inner Landscape of the Abused Stray-Cat Child in the Land of No Role Models, she was an established woman with a family, a career, and a cat...all she'd thought she ever wanted in life. But her perpetually adventurous spirit sought new vistas to traverse, and when she heard the clarion call to a Freedom Revolution, she answered in full freedom fighter regalia right down to her metallic pink go-go boots and lip gloss bandolier. But nothing could prepare her for the new cast of characters she would soon encounter: the Reincarnated Totem Horde, the One with the Tie-Dyed Decoder Ring, the Jiggy Dreaming-Magic Guru, the Thunder Walkers... Suddenly she finds herself in a world where what was real isn't, what was dreams is solid, and the only place that's real is the space in-between. In a land of shifting paradigms and mutating archetypes, Delena must find the courage to ask herself the big question: is she ready to embrace the power of the Creative Shamanatrix Goddess within herself and truly walk her talk?

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Az said...

I can't wait to read more of, "Delena of the Funkywild." She is such a great character. To me, she is always interesting and exciting, and she's so easy to love.

Keep on keeping on, Hon. You're doing great! *huggles*