daily deelite

1. after waking up the last couple of days blown away by the amount of deep and restful sleep i got, i'm gonna have to say that i'm grateful for this wacky invention of nature's called "sleep." i went out and bought the first program in a series of twelve of holosync by centerpointe research institute and it's been totally blowing my mind. not only has my meditation jumped to a completely unimaginable energy level, but since wednesday night i've been sleeping hard. and for an insomniac who really hasn't gotten a truly good night's sleep (except very, very rarely) since she was fifteen, this is phenominal. five nights in a row of awesome, rejuvenating, deep and restful sleep in which i maybe wake up only once (as opposed to waking up 3-10 times per hour for the 4 hours i sleep?) this isn't just a fluke.

this is revolutionary.

2. i'm grateful for what i'm able to accomplish during the day thanks to being blessed with a restful 5-7 hours of good sleep.

3. i'm grateful for the things that have fallen so serendipitously into my lap in the last couple of weeks. the spiritual and mental momentum i'm gaining from day to day is almost exponential.

4. i'm grateful for the support of my family and friends. my support and power base, i've discovered, is infinitely broader than i had ever imagined it was.

5. i'm grateful for the places i'm heading. i can see those destinations, visions on my glorious horizon, and i know the exact road i'm taking to get there. kind of like sci-fi vision technology, i wasn't able to see those roads and possibilities before. now, with these new eyes and my Funk-colored glasses, i wonder how i was ever blind to them in the first place. and it's rubbing off on the people around me, especially *ds* and *ks*. and it's so much freakin' fun to watch!

there's nothing like taking the people you love with you. enjoying the Funkywild with the ones you love makes the Funky so much Wilder...

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