daily deelite

1. my family, in their infinite and unconditional love and spirit of giving, have saved my life in so many ways and never asked for anything in return. i am so grateful i am surrounded by so many people who treasure me, adore me, and lift me up.

2. today i didn't have a single twinge of scoliotic or sciatic pain. i am filled with tremendous thanksgiving that i can walk on my own two feet every day, effortlessly.

3. my kitten, rumblestrut, goes to sleep with me every night purring and letting me know how much he loves me. i am so grateful he's in my life, such an endless source of lighthearted amusement and soothing, purring love.

4. i am able to purchase those things i want and need, without having to wonder if i can afford most of it. i simply know i can make it happen, and indeed i do. to have this freedom fills me with a bottomless well of thanks.

5. no matter how my life ever was, my life now is proof positive of the power of pronoia: my life is constantly showered by ecstatically giving conspiracies of a universe wildly in love with me. i am grateful for every single blessing i have received, and every single one i will receive in a constant stream directly into my life.

muchas gracias, Jiggy Snake! "so we believe, so mote it be."

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