daily deelite

i woke up this morning (too early, imho), but now i'm kinda glad i did because i found this waiting for me in my email from jane over at the painted house:

You simply ROCK and I love coming here every day to read your words.

it's always nice to know every once in a while someone's smiling because of words you said, y'know?

1. it makes me so thankful to know that somewhere out there, someone is appreciating me for one of my favoritest things in life (the written word) and i'm making an impact --however small-- for the better in their life.

2. thank you, PGE and comcast, for using my monthly donations to provide me with dependable electricity and internet access so i may then share the pronoiaFunk as it comes to me.

3. thank you, Universe, for letting there be PronoiaFunk! without it, i suspect life would be a lot duller.

4. thank you, sealy, for making wonderfully soft beds and giving me the opportunity to have one when so many people in the world don't. when i finally got to bed at 0500, apparently i passed out the minute rumblestrut stopped purring. and it was so comfortable i fell asleep on the phone with the person who woke me up three hours later.

5. and a big, resounding THANK YOU to the universe for such happy surprises like unexpected days off. especially after such hard days like yesterday that brought me close to the brink of frustrated and despairing tears. recovery and rejuvenation are blessings that need to be appreciated to the fullest extent of the one so blessed.

in one of Delena's Favoritest Songs of All Time, Tool sings:
"recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing."

celebrate, beauty and truth fans. one of the biggest blessings the universe could possibly ever shower upon you, and you wake up with it every single day: you're alive and breathing!

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