daily deelite

after the whopping day i had yesterday, i'm chock full of even more gratitude! and what's amazing that i've discovered is that the more i practice gratitude, the more i realize my own frame of mind is my choice in any circumstance (moreso than my stoicism, which was merely cover-up on a pimple). and in any circumstance, even the lameass ones i had yesterday at work, there was gratitude to be found...

1. i'm grateful for my family, for good food, laughter, and my rockin' siblings. i'm grateful for the blessings i have when i sit down around a table filled with family, the sense of belonging, and the comfy atmosphere conducive to the ribald, raucous, and off-color jokes that were running a mile a minute last night.

2. i'm grateful that my family is growing! i got to meet my future brother-in-law last night, and he's actually pretty great. when a guy can catch even my more obscure jokes, i have to think, "yeah, this guy's all right."

3. i'm grateful that i have other opportunities in my life and i'm not chained to my job at the salon. instead of letting the stupid bureaucratic nonsense get me down and oppress me, i'm using it as a springboard of inspiration. what was once a lovely opportunity to brighter horizons, independence, and a sense of self has become a toxic relationship. and we all know what delena does with toxic relationships...

in the immortal words of my dad, "give 'em the bum's rush, honey!"

4. i'm grateful for laughter. i must say that i don't think i've laughed so much or so thoroughly in a while than i have in this last week. my life has achieved a kind of high simply on laughter and joy. i see freedom, purpose, and a real chance for phenominal change. i see myself growing in new and incredible ways, and i can feel those changes happening inside of myself even as i write this. my Funk-colored glasses effing rock!

5. i'm grateful for the kitties. i wake up and open my door, and i'm greeted by eight round eyes and four perky tails, and four sleek bodies rubbing up on my legs and trying very, very hard to trip me up. i'm greeted by squeaks, mews, trills, chitters, and purrs. "oh," i say in my sleepy voice, "g'morning rumbles, baby. you want da pettin's? aww, there's my boy..." and i scratch under his chin. invariably, here comes liam the black slinky. "okay, liam. you get da pettin's, too, all cowlicky and trying to play 'dead kitty' and trip me, thanks." of course, voodoo's been mrowling the whole time since hearing my door open. "okay, voodoo. you get luvins. there. oh yes, thank you, i needed a butt in my face. start my day off right." and the kitten, angel, gives me either her silent mew or the long, drawn-out "squeeee!" and it's soooo pathetic i have to pet her. "okay, kitten, luv luv luv, purr purr purr. yes, chew my fingers. really, i didn't need them today. oh yes, and don't forget to attack my toes. vicious killer, oooh i'm scared." all of this is delivered in my monotone, i-just-woke-up, throaty sleepy voice. but inside, i'm all warm and fuzzy from so much kitty luv.

rock the kitty luv!

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