daily deelite

today was one of those days where the power of thought prevails...

1. today the power of friendship, and its uplifting spirit, are what i'm grateful for. tonight i got to go after work with a friend of mine at the salon, and we enjoyed dinner at sweet tomatoes, which is a salad bar that's actually quite awesome. we met back when i was working for GM in '04, and we worked together again at another call center, and then she recommended the grooming salon. so we've worked side by side at three different places, and we've always gotten along. it's been a while since we hung out, and then recently we just started up again and it was as if no time had ever passed when we weren't doing things together.

i like that.

2. i'm grateful for the power of assertiveness. things have been going on in the salon recently (well, continuously, actually) and i've been getting screwed over by people overbooking me. and it's not as if it's an extra dog here, a confusion there. no, it's HUGE dogs, hairy lots-of-work dogs, and then they squeeze in three more dogs per day than i can easily handle. where before i would have just sucked up and shut up about it, i've been speaking out about it. and sometimes my tone and words aren't so happy-peaceful-bohemian, either. i dropped the f-bomb today, and it actually got people's attention. including one of my manager's, and after a lot of juggling, it got worked out and i'm not so overbooked. which is good, because a day like tomorrow was promising to be, i would've walked out on my job. yay for speaking my mind, and choosing to change my reality!

3. i'm grateful that we live in an age where, if i want to see a movie, i can go rent one from a rental place. and i'm also grateful that, when said movie is totally scratched all to hell and i can't play it, my loving and totally awesome bro, *ks*, can find it available for viewing online.

jiggy snake bless the internet...

4. i'm thankful for SUMMER!!! summer weather is FINALLY here! i walked outside after work today and was hit by a wall of heat. i frickin' loved it. it reminded me of so.cal home, and for a few seconds it felt like living in the desert again. i love the rush of wonderfulness that comes over me when the weather's decently hot.

5. i'm grateful for the positive momentum in my life! i wonder if i'm even capable of expressing or describing how my life has just taken off with just a few simple changes, and a few minor adjustments to the lens through which i view the world. i recommend everyone go out and find their own pair of Funk-colored glasses...

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