daily deelite

no, that's not a misspelling... i love how my nickname provides so many opportunities for play-on-words.

today i decided to make my gratitude a daily exercise. if anything, it'll keep my thinking in a thankful way, and as the blogging becomes habit i anticipate a new way of looking at life: remaining open to finding new things for which to be grateful, and new ways to express such gratitude.

speaking of, there's thankfulness no.1:
thank you, Universe, for being so serendipitous as to be almost foolproof to find wonderful things about life to celebrate. once you find one, life seems to just flood you with good things.

2. thank you, Jiggy Snake, for remembering to put the Fun in Funk. without that, i only wonder how interesting life would be, but i have a feeling it's unfathomably worth more living in a multiverse that has fun in it...

3. thank you, karma, for giving infinite opportunities to improve myself and for fashioning challenging situations in which i can plumb new depths of my strength and character to overcome character flaws and flourish as a Divalicious Funkmaster.

4. thank you, *ds*, for soothing pettin's with those lovely long nails of yours. my arm is still radiating happiness...

5. thank you, America, for providing the liberty for a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter to take small, innocuous-seeming events and people we meet, run with them, and create phenominal wealth in intangible-yet-vital ways. guerilla compassion is the ability to surrender to life, to yield to the divinity within someone else, to listen to the song of their soul and respond with your own harmony.

i found this in my Google searches about gratitude, and rabbi brent rosen says it all:

When we view gratitude as somehow dependant upon a the receipt of a specific gift, we will inevitably come to regard it as an emotion that will ebb and flow depending upon how grateful we happen to feel. But cultivating gratitude means training ourselves to greet each day in the spirit of gratitude - even when we don’t happen to feel particularly grateful. Indeed, to experience this level of gratefulness is to understand the true meaning of the Thanksgiving Offering.

this is a beautiful passage, and when *ds* and *ks* asked me why i decided to create daily deelite i couldn't really give them an answer except that in doing it, i would be able to do it even better. i simply decided to live life gratefully, remaining open to finding all those blessings the universe is conspiring to shower upon me.

and then i can go, as a guerilla agent of trickster love, and shower anonymous blessings upon others. because that's where the real Fun(k) is...

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