no good deed...

it seems señor murphy and his aggrivating Law have hit the salon hard this week. between two people being out for vacation, others being out sick, miscommunications, misunderstandings, a new bather, and just the simple misfortune of working for one of the Big Bad Daddies of the Phallocratic Corporate Hydra, it's been one @#*!-ing helluva week, lemme tell you.

and today we had the closing groomer go home sick (like puking sick, so we lovingly chased her out) and it would've been just the new bather by herself for two hours. i didn't feel it was right to do that to her (having been screwed over like that many times myself), so i told her i'd be back to help her with the closing shift. of course, i'd had the opening shift, so it was a very long day for me.

i spent a couple hours with my *sa*, and we had fun killing ourselves with laughter and playdough. but when i got back, it was to find i had 1 hr and 45 mins to work on a scottish terrier who was satan's lapdog in a former life. i walked away from that one bloody, just to let you know. but i wasn't supposed to have any dogs, just help my bather by being there to take all the extraneous duties, e.g. answering phones, doing nail trims, checking out dogs to go home, etc, so she could bathe her dogs and then we could clean and close together.

i had told my store manager this, and that i was voluntarily coming back purely to help her close. it was his call when this dog came in to give it to me, without letting me know that i'd have over an hour less than the prescribed three-hour window in which to work on this dog. the damn dog's owner had to stand with me at my table and hold this hellion while i tried to groom it in-between being gnawed like a hot dog on a stick.

which means that i was now completely unavailable to help my bather with all those things that she then got swamped doing...because i got screwed by a store manager in a bad mood. i made it up to her, however, with starschmuck's white chocolate mocha (too many girls in the salon give money to starschmuck's; it's so sad).

part of me left work feeling rather bitter, that no good deed goes unpunished. i'm unbelievably exhausted, and bitten, bloody, sore, and sacrificed my entire day just so someone else wouldn't feel screwed over. however, i didn't do it for anyone except that new girl, and she thought i was rather amazing for a.) coming back to help out, and b.) bringing her favorite coffee.

that was the point.

who says we can't help the universe shower blessings upon others once in a while?


bluegarnet said...

I'm glad you still recognised the good after an otherwise shitty day. :) I let someone go in front of me at a checkout the other day because she was on her lunch break and then watched my bus leave just as I walked outside. Ah well, the knock on effect is worth it I guess.


bluegarnet said...

Jeez, I forgot I was messing around with my google account the other night and came up with that name for an alternate blog. LOL
It's Dizzy by the way. :D

Az said...

Just stopping in to give you a *hug* and to let you know I'm thinking about you. Hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing weekend. :D