toe #23

so i was at my parents' yesterday, and it was gorgeous outside. mom was "playing outside," as she says, doing her garden stuff. she's a horticulturist, so there's a honkin' garden in the back. she recently trimmed back the Rosemary that Ate Chicago because *cc* and i got nervous after this one time going out back to trim some for ourselves and we heard, "C'mere, little girl..." from the vicinity of the rosemary bush.

well, i think it was the poppies' turn to take over the garden, and they were hiding the split wooden logs mom uses to create a lovely border between the flowers and the rest of the yard. after playing with the dogs in the yard, i turned to go back inside...

...and SMACK!

there went my poor little piggies smack into that log the poppies were hiding.

it was kinda ugly, and no matter what i did my toe wouldn't stop bleeding. but i finally got it under control and it was only a few hours until the throbbing finally ceased. my foot's still sore from the initial impact, and driving home wasn't all too fun, either. the Funkmobile's a manual, remember. i called the salon today just to find out what the forecast was for my appointments, and apparently everyone's pretty booked today. wtf? this weekend was slower than molasses in january! where'd they all come from?

prolly out enjoying the gorgeous weather and too busy to make (or keep) grooming appointments, so they all decide to flood in on monday after i break my toe.

yay, murphy's law! (murphy, u suck...)

ah well. it's not like i haven't broken toes before. just look at the title of this entry. i thought i was finally done with my toe-breaking spree.

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