the happening

much more visual and gory than his previous movies, i think. then again, i never saw lady in the water, so i'm not sure if i can say that with as much authority as i suppose i'm presuming...

however, there was definitely much more gore than shyamalan has previously given his audience. i know the people in the theatre were very vocal about some, with lots of gasping and quiet exclamations of surprise and/or "omg/wtf?"

by the time the first "happening" had actually "happened," i had already put together what was going on. this movie was definitely more blatant than his others, to be sure. and while i've always loved shyamalan movies for their subtlety and ability to keep me guessing right up until the very last, absolutely possible minute, this was also a slap-in-the-face type movie whose message, among one other, was "wake the @#*! up, people of earth!"

this was also the first movie i've ever been to where someone finally dared to have a character say, point-blank and no-holds-barred, "we are a threat to this planet."

i can respect that.

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Greg said...

okay, i totally didn't read this post, because i don't want to know anything about the movie when i see it. lol. (i have studiously avoided any commercials or information about it). but, in answer to the question you texted me last night: yes. lol. love you.