daily deelite

1. i am rockin' grateful today for wonderful days spent with wonderful people

2. i'm especially grateful for short naps that were really, really needed and really, really helped.

3. i'm grateful for such beautiful timing that plops a super-delicious bowl of lentil soup in front of me just when i was thinking about getting hungry. i'd just dragged myself out of my room after that short nap and the house smelled...funny. cumin'll do that. but *ks* was making lentil soup and it was awesome.

4. i am grateful, also, for those small realizations i have about myself sometimes that let me know i'm on the right track

5. i'm grateful that i'm strong enough to kick to the curb any toxicity that threatens my Funk, like when *sy* called me earlier this evening. i didn't recognize his voice when he said, "hi," like i should've known it was him. i'd put him out of my mind long ago. but my gut reaction was something along the lines of, "what the hell are you going talking to me?" it was offensive, kind of like when your roomate's friend makes himself too much at home in your living room and strews his crap everywhere, tracks mud all over your champagne carpet, and kicks your cat. i hung up on him.

i'm far too busy following my Funk to let any toxic garbage back into my life. although, like when *jd* told me he was still in love with me after all these years, it was quite satisfying to see yet another body of my enemy floating down the river past me.

victory. and we keep going.

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