daily deelite

1. last night, we made (fake) chicken fajitas, and (real) beans and spanish rice. omg, it was sooo good... there was even fresh pico de gallo and salsa. 'cept for the vegetarian wannabe chicken, it tasted just like my childhood. nothing inspires gratitude like frickin' awesome cooking!

2. the weather has been absolutely fabulous this week! it's done so many wonderous things for my outlook. i love the month of august up here. it's like...i can just walk outside and feel instant gratitude.

3. knowing i only have 3 more weeks at the salon fills me with tons of gratitude.

4. supportive siblings are the ultimate inspiration of gratitude. thank you, Jiggy Funk, for giving me the wonderful siblings i have.

5. my business advisor, omg. i am so frickin' grateful to have him around! he builds me up, shows confidence in me, shares what he knows, always finds time when i need help, and is just really someone i want to model myself after.

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Anonymous said...

I need to get my act together and write/email you regarding this gratitude/the secret facet of your life and your new attitude. It's absolutely contagious....I'm on it...just crazy busy, sorry.
Soon, expect an email from me.
You rule!