just some things

i've been up to a few things this week, chief among them getting my vision board movie finished. i'd been working on that thing since the 1st, and i probably put in somewhere in the vicinity of 60+ hours. of course, by the time i was close to finished i was griping about how sick of it i was and how i should just make a vision board envisioning the dang thing done, lol. but that's only because it didn't want to be finished, and i kept having to add more affirmations, more visuals, more more more.

apparently, i was thinking too small. or, at least, so sayeth the movie. until i finally added enough to make it happy. and looking back, i realize that yeah, i wasn't thinking large enough to really get me excited. i wasn't thinking in close enough detail, with enough clarity of vision. so i can appreciate that the movie itself was giving me a kick in the pants.

but i'm still really effing glad it's freaking done!

other than that, i've put up a few ads for Freedom Revolution. no takers on those yet, though... i think i'll post another one up on Craigslist on monday. last time i did that, i had people calling me up an hour after i hit the "post" button.


i finally got the final piece of info for my trip to Ft. Lauderdale next month. yes, i'm going to florida for a two-day workshop/where-the-rubber-meets-the-road seminar on marketing. and i'm going to vegas next month, also, for a 3-day workshop also on marketing. one thing i've discovered is that i am absolutely fascinated by marketing, advertising, and trying to understand the mind of the sorts of people i'm looking to do business with.

because, in essence, i'm looking for myself, really. so in finding what works for others, i find what works for me. and i discover who i'm willing and not willing to work with, too. and it's really fun to try something new and then sit back and watch results, kind of like experiments in a lab. and every time there's a new email, it's someone else asking me to call them, possibly to request info on how they can send me money.

i really like that.

and as the law of attraction states, i just keep the faith that it's coming. so far, i've been able to do everything i want to do with my business, to include travel to ft. lauderdale and las vegas! i haven't been to vegas since i was twelve, and i've never been to florida...

everything i need just keeps coming. and i need my business to work. therefore i know it will. as soon as tomorrow, it will begin working even better. hell, why wait? right now.


This Guy said...

Thank you so much for your kind words!

Those 60+ hours with your vision board video really show. I truly loved the affirmations!

LOL I think that everyone should sew! Its very relaxing, almost meditation like for me. It grounds and centres me too, plus I usually end up with a half decent product! LOL

I can't wait to check your blog again for the next post! ;)

Shell said...

I love your video. It is so wonderful and powerful. The sixty hours you put into it really shows. Keep the faith with your business. It is already happening.