daily deelite

1. oh my sheree, if you're reading this, i am eternally grateful for you. you were my reality check today, my adventure in the Funky peace corps, my reconnection with friendship and love.

my pussygata,
i wish that you could meet her:
single mom goddess.

2. i'm grateful for my paradigm shift. this new change in me is truly profound, and truly true. i was assured that people would really begin to approach me and ask what's up, what i'm doing differently, just what's happening. and they do. the ones that really know me, anyway, and believe in my own merit as a person of integrity and honesty. actions speak for themselves. and i'm really loving my new take on life.

3. i'm grateful for the wake-up call i got today. it forces me to take a heavy-duty approach to my health. my annual physical test results came in, and i have signs of something with a high likelihood of becoming cervical cancer. but i choose to focus on radiant health.

this, too, i shall overcome. i am grateful for the opportunity to treat my body as the temple it truly is. apparently i hadn't been doing enough of that, but it was caught early enough that i have ample opportunity to create powerful health.

today, i think three things i'm grateful for is enough. my heart is really feeling the challenge of this much gratitude in the face of these things right now.


Anonymous said...

I am grateful for your email.
talk soon.
PS. I had the same pap smear results a few years back. No worries, seriously. This is how they find it in time (maybe a 10 minute out patient lazer treatment, like me), and you're good to go. They've made great strides in catching and CURING this.
luv ya.

iGoddess said...


and thank the Jiggy Funk, because i didn't really sleep well last night.

scratch that. i slept like a rock. then woke up and felt like i had to puke.

Shell said...

Hi Delena,

Thanks for your wonderful words over at my blog. Choose radiant health. You are going to be fine. Whenever I need a boost of healing, I like to do a meditation of sailing to Avalon. When I reach the shores, I am taken to a cave where I am giving a whole energy tune up by a priestess there.
Hugs and kisses to you.

Greg said...

hey babe. thinking of you. loving you. ya know, like usual. ;-)

the 'c' word doesn't mean what it used to, especially when they catch it early. your radiant health will continue like your radiant heart.

love you, dee.

This Guy said...

Heya! :) Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! I'm glad to finially meet someone who also stashes their creative work in the closet for no eyes to see! LOL

My sister had the same results in one of her pap tests. She went in for day surgery, they lazer blasted something, and shes great! Its amazing the medical advancements they have made, and with you catching things so soon is such a bonus! Definatly makes their job alot easier! Don't stress out about it too much keep worshiping your body as a beautiful divine temple!

Ps. your rambles are always welcome and appreciated!! :)