a thousand apologies for being absent, but wow, the last couple of days have been busy!

i've been at home for all of it, but i've been busy working on my frame of mind. i know, i know. that sounds really...feeble. but if you really think about it, it's not all that feeble at all. how many people do you know are stuck in a rut? how many people do you know do nothing but complain and criticize and lament about how life sucks? it's like they open their mouths and suddenly all the light and energy in the room just drains away the more they talk.

now try telling them to stop it and try being positive for a change.

not so feeble, is it? in fact, for some people, changing their minds and truly believing the change can be a herculean effort. it doesn't have to be, and practice always makes perfect, but it does take practice and true, honest belief.

i was working on the belief part. over at Freedom Revolution i was talking about leadership, but what sparked the entry topic was the fact that i was feeling "off" on monday. so i've been working on things, taking the pressure off myself by focusing more on what it means to be in business for myself, my "big why" for doing this in the first place, and what --exactly--it is that i'm looking for in customers and business partners.

and i took time out to spend with my siblings, and with a wonderful guy i've been seeing. it's kinda funny. people ask, but i keep telling them he hasn't initiated "the talk" yet, and until he does, i'm not assuming anything. but we hang out, watch movies, sometimes make dinner at his house which is really fun, and pretty much if i'm hanging out there for the evening it's a sure bet i'm spending the night, too (get your mind out of the gutter!). "yeah, dee," my friends and siblings say, "i'd say it's a sure bet he's really into you." well yes, i suppose, but he hasn't made any overtures towards "exclusive rights" or introduced me as his girlfriend. nothing like that. so i'm not making any assumptions, nor am i really growing attached to any future outcome. when he figures out how fabulous i am, he'll do something to make sure i don't get away. or he won't, and that's okay, too. it'll just mean someone else is headed into the picture who will recognize my Funkaliciousness even more quickly, and will swiftly stake his claim. figuratively speaking...

i decided to apply the same approach to business. let go of any investment in the outcome of this relationship. stop putting so much pressure on myself to be the perfect girlfriend and then lamenting why i'm not getting the treatment i want. instead, i'm gonna date my business without drama, keep things easygoing and fun, and know exactly where i'm going. customers and future business partners are welcome to come along if they want to. i'm going to be all about fun and no pressure, passion and Funk. same as my dating life.

i already have a fabulous family life. my dating life is spectacular and i know it's headed in the direction of careerlovemarriagechildren, so i'm set there. and now, as of today, my business life is heading in that direction, too.

i have spoken.

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Ravyn said...

I LOVE your new frame of mind. I was concerned that you were putting to much of yourself towards trying to force and outcome. I'm glad your comfortable now with sitting back, doing what you can and letting the universe shower you with joy.