from iGoddess to you

(i'd told this to a couple of dear friends of mine, and these words came from my heart. i thought i would share them. from me, to you. because i love you more than i love you...)

now, beware. i love you, so i'm going to remind you (lovingly) that you are god, walking in the shoes of a person who looks just like you. you can fill these shoes because you are god being a person, not a person trying to be god. you are actually second-generation star stuff come alive, a shining being who thought it'd be fun to come down and play the part of You, with particular challenges like yours. like an actor on a stage, you are playing the part of Yourself and experiencing your character's trials and triumphs. you did not become your trials and triumphs, just as you did not become your emotions.

you are not depressed, nor are you in the black pit of darkness. you are not despairing, or hopeless, or any of these things. you are feeling depression. you are seeing and feeling the darkness. you are not the crude matter of your body, just as you are not the emotions or thoughts that your crude matter is feeling or thinking. like an actress playing hamlet feeling despairing, you are playing Your part. you --the real You-- is a cosmic shining being who was there before time began and will be there when it ends. this cannot touch the real you, and it cannot consume the real you.


you and i both know i haven't said anything here that you didn't already know.

but still, may the Funk be with you.


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Nydia said...

THANK YOU! It's like it was written to me.

Kisses from Nydia.