daily deelite

1. small blessings. i'm grateful for small blessings. even as today wasn't the best day i've ever had, there were still things about it that made me laugh and happy to be where i was even though i didn't want to be where i was.

2. i'm grateful for warmth in my home, both emotional and physical. the back door is open and the breeze is cool, but my heart is warm.

3. i'm thankful for evenings of music, popcorn, movies that make you cry, and blogging.

4. i'm filled with thankfulness to know that i can sleep in tomorrow.

5. i'm grateful that when i wake up, it's another chance to begin it all again, with a clean slate, and do something new and different. every day is a bright and new chance to turn it all around.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful and you are amazing.
You have had a complete shift in your life and it's so evident in your posts.
I'm sorry I've been neglectful of your beautiful blog...I'll be in touch.