Delena's Heart
Main Artery
Cognitive, Spiritual, and Circulatory System

Objectives: To continue to reside in happy, healthy, and functional surroundings which encourage freedom and holistic health, with ample challenge for continuing, phenominal personal growth

Professional Experience:

(June 2008 - present) Freedom Revolution, a subsidiary of iGoddess, Inc.
Title: Founder
- overseeing all levels of operation including marketing, advertising, secretarial, and recruitng
- overseeing all finances and funding
- changing the world by helping people wake up from their zomboid automoton lives
- offering a select few the opportunity for challenging personal growth to achieve all aspects of wealth in their lives
-- making the world a better place
Freedom Revolution is small. Financial output still exceeds income, but if wealth were measured in heart and joy in life, I'd be richer than J.K. Rowling. But the faith is there, and it's assured FR will be a one-woman megalith. Due to a change in iGoddess Inc's business policies, Freedom Revolution is open to a partnership that is equal, equitable, and will encourage FR's limitless growth.

(July 2004 – June 2008) iGoddess Inc. DBA Delena Global
Title: Independent Goddess Consultant
- Owning my womanhood
- Reclaiming independence
- Being slave to no business other than my own
Reason for Leaving:
Delena Global was small, and small-minded. The business plan was inefficient and delusional. Output exceeded income due to the foundations of the faulty business planVacations, weekends, and overtime/holiday pay was nonexistent. There was unlimited potential for growth, income, and philanthropy, however the business model made it ineffectual. And under the then-current P&P of iGoddess Inc., the possibility of acquiring a new partner was nil. iGoddess Inc. was not into acquisitions. A long-term position with a sadly misguided company was not possible.

(August 2004 - present) iGoddess, Inc.
Title: Founder (following a revolutionary breakthrough)
- Personal responsibility
- Challenging myself toward personal growth daily
- Being a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter for Beauty, Truth, and Finding the Funk
- Upholding Freedom wherever I can
- Living with Honesty at all times
- Being in alignment with myself, my dreams, and my desires, and surrounding myself only with things that encourage this alignment
- Providing avenues and opportunities for others to come into alignment with themselves and achieve their dreams
- Being a representative of the Funky Jive and an example of how to live in harmony with one's own Inner Funk
iGoddess Inc. has a great new look, and a new plan and business model to show for it! We have raised our standards tremendously to match our dreams, rather than lowering our dreams to match a misguided and limited perception of possibility. Partnerships are welcome and encouraged now, but only those in keeping with the newer, higher standards of conduct, ability, and mentality of iGoddess' independent contractors. iGoddess encourages growth and abundance, truth, freedom and love above all.

(January 1979 - August 2004) The CODAWAA Union, The Conglomerate of Dysfunctional and Woman-Abusive Ass-Souls; in co-operation with Corporate America
Title: Employee/Servant
- Made to feel weak through use of authority/power-over
- Mindlessly do what I was told
- Feel guilty and unworthy whenever underperforming as a flawless, mindless automoton (e.g. show any individuality or humanity)
- Have no dignity through authority's ability to convince me I wasn't needed or wanted unless I was zomboid and overproductive.
- Feel overwhelming pride and gratitude when tossed a bone or given a pat on the head
- Endure humiliation
- Endure being treated like a meaningless cog in a wheel
(*the above list was taken from the model of a POW camp, although it bears striking resemblance to Corporate America and dysfunctional relationships. think about it.)
Reason for leaving:
The position no longer fit with my worldview, nor was my endurance for such worker treatment limitless. At some point, extreme duress triggers a breakthrough of consciousness. I no longer
believed in nor fit within the current model.


The Universal School of Hard Knocks, GWA 1.159 and candidate for Magna Cum Laude until it was discovered I was mis-enrolled
The Jiggy Snake's Funktastical, Mind-Blowing, and Action-Packed Study Courses only at Astral University, Pass with Orgasmic Colors (pass/fail only)
The Menstrual Temple of the Funky Grail, attendance ongoing

Major Accomplishments:
- Broke out of the employee/servant mentality
- Took responsibility for my thoughts and emotions
- Dared to dust off my dreams and reach for them
- Rejected the life of mediocrity and embraced a life of excellence
- Turned away from the limiting collective unconsciousness of the sleeping masses and embraced the liberated and revolutionary mentality of abundance
-Accepted my role as an example for the Funky Wow
- Took up the mantle of a Revolutionary Freedom Fighter
- I woke up

- So strong nothing disturbs my peace of mind
- Make all my friends feel there is something worthwhile in them
- Believe and talk of health, wealth, and prosperity to everyone I meet
- I create my optimism and make it happen
- To think of, work for, and expect only the best
- Rejoice in other's successes as well as my own
- The ability to learn from the mistakes of the past, let them go, and embrace the possibilities in the future
- I smile at everyone I see
- Give so much time to improving myself I have no time to criticize others
- Too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, too happy to permit the presence of trouble
- To think well of myself and show the world through great deeds
- Remaining true to the best that is within me


Anonymous said...

One helluva resume for one helluva woman.

Sacred Suzie said...

I'd hire you in a heartbeat! So clever, so thought-provoking and original. Fantastic post, the universe must have chosen a very special and important path for a strong spiritual woman like you.

I hope you had a blessed Lughnasadh earth sister! I wish you many opportunities to put those skills to work and be reimbursed for all your efforts.

Brandi said...

"owning my womanhood"

hell yeah!!