dark moon

and she looked at me, finger to her lips. her only visible red tattoo the stain on her palms, but i knew the pomegranate priestess. she said to me:

"most people celebrate the full moon.

they feel her strong pulse, are drawn to her bright light. she speaks to many, beautiful and pale and radiant.

my power has always lain in the dark moon.

not the "new" moon.

dark moon.

(and no, i'm not emo, thanks...)

she's beautiful in her own way.

silent, yet profound.

infinite, powerful depths to her, each bit of knowledge something one must work hard and unfailingly to receive.

promising riches...if you can withstand her.

powerful subsonic call, vibrates the marrow.

crone energy.

dark wisdom.

in the dark, your pupils dilate wiiiiiide open to see vague shapes in the chairoscuro shadows. you must be wide open and accepting --even unto pain and great risk-- in the dark moon.

...nothing is as it seems.

...you must learn your own dark power to interpret the dark shadows, to hear the dark music.

nothing is the same to any two people.

there are things only blossom in the dark of the moon. things only found to those who can find them...

...those who are wide open.

it's not for everyone. it's not even for most people.

only a small some.

there are those who honor Her in Her Darkness, who respect Her.

few are Denizens.

for those who hear it, the celebration is thunderously loud, powerful, and beautiful. how can silence be so loud?

it can.

Her language is of deeper knowing.

be deaf, mute, and blind for a time...and feel the dark moon awaken the sixth sense so you hear more clearly, see further, and speak more deeply than you ever had before.

the dark moon illuminates what lies beneath the deep ocean, while the full moon makes shine the foam on the shore.

one Moon Goddess, two aspects. both necessary for full understanding.

most of Her children awaken in Her full light.

some of us come alive now."


This Guy said...

AH! Amazing, I love that!
Rock On! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goddess! How I've missed your beautiful, beautiful writing ...



Sacred Suzie said...

Astounding! You really met with the dark, deep beautiful moon this weekend didn't you? Thank you for sharing these words with us!