daily deelite

1. there will be dinner tonight after a day at the salon. thank Funky Ya-Ya for my dad's cooking, family, and my favorite drink: an Old-Fashioned Delena

2. and then, after dinner, drinks, family nite, and cuddling on the floor with the corgis after watching the History Channel, there will be passing out in my parents' trailer. thank you, Jiggy Snake, for feeling like i'm camping with the comfort of a soft, full-sized mattress...

3. i really don't look forward to being at the salon anymore. the corporation itself is like a festering pustule. thank you, thank you for time flying by so quickly. after this weekend, only two weekends to go.

4. i'm also grateful for laundry detergent in the nick of time.

5. and pedicures. i wonder if anyone really, truly understands just how grateful i am there's such a thing as pedicures. my toes are just so darn cute!


Brandi said...

girl, I completely and totally hear you on pedicures. Little slices of heaven on earht, that's my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I want a pedicure!