pretty, huh?

bridesmaid dresses.

i'm a bridesmaid.

this wouldn't be a problem...


pretty dresses, pretty SHOES, pretty hair, pretty SHOES, makeup, SHOES...

except that, given the size of delena's bust/waist/hips, i'm three different sizes. and they're all strapless. of all the choices *rc* gave me, they're all strapless with cinched waists.

this just does not do if you're delena, e.g. short and sadly plump. this is why you never see pics of me up here that haven't already been doctored...if i stand for pics at all. don't get me wrong. i have quite a lovely face, and i'm frequently complimented on my smile. but pretty much from the face down i need a personal trainer, a concentration camp diet, and tens of thousands of dollars in emergency-recovery surgery.

no wonder i shop at goodwill and usually stay out of weddings.


Carnal Zen said...

Oh but the obligatory dress - means getting alterations. So all 3 sizes can be accommodated in clothes tailored just for you - in a way we never justify forking up the cash to do - unless someone else is getting married! Enjoy the prettiness!

Michelle said...

You are amazing. I came by today to thank you for posting such a wonderful comment on my dreamboard (posted on Suzie's blog) and found a fabulous soul! I love your writing, your want-ad, and your incredible sense of humour.

I will happily join your bootcamp makeover... heaven knows that I need it too..

And your dreamboard was inspiring.

Okay, enough gushing - lol. I wish you all the best in your bridesmaid primping!

Shell said...

Hey Delana, no short and sadly plump thinking. I'm 5'3 and plump. I like to say I'm pleasingly plump. Since I'm 5'3, I can even say I'm pleasingly petite plump. Now, that is a toungetwister. Anyway, go here and see if you can find something.
Hugs to you.

Greg said...

it's true i haven't seen you in several years (much to my dismay!), but i don't remember you as being sadly plump. incredibly hot comes to mind. remember that picture from MY wedding, where i'm looking at you instead of my wife? lol.

anyway, i personally would love to see you strapless, with a cinched waist...