daily deelite

1. i drove across town for dinner today, just because i wanted to. the drive was gorgeous, the sun was powerful and bright, and the day was clear and blue and green and gorgeous. thank the Jiggy Pop for days like this...

2. every few days or so i text a bunch of people that i love and am thinking about. i'll send them individual messages of love, hugs, and delena yayness. most of them text me back, even if it's just a smiley face. but i imagine they hear/feel their phones going off unexpectedly, and check them to find this random message of love from a source they didn't expect. i imagine it derails their current thoughts, which might be mired in the every-day sludge, and for a moment there is sunshine. i imagine they smile, and their hearts fill with warmth. and then i imagine that ray of sunshine gets carried with them through the rest of their day and it's not so easy for them to get bogged down in sludge. and i'm thankful that i can do that for them.

3. i had to upgrade my cell phone plan to unlimited everything today. i've been putting it off, but the truth of the matter is that Freedom Revolution has taken off with such speed that even the small, anticipatory upgrade i made last month wasn't enough. today, i used 25% of my monthly any-time minutes. holy crap! but gee whiz, i sure am grateful that i'm so busy with this business that i'm racing to keep up rather than screaming with frustration that i'm going nowhere.

4. i slept soooo much today! i was up until 5am writing, and just focusing on things that i'd been neglecting the last few days. it was really hard for me to get started this morning, and i kind of slugged through most of my day. but i'm thankful, because i don't know how long it's been since i've given myself permission to just slow down and rest, take care of myself, and do those things i kept saying i'd do "when i have time." they say your business only grows to the extent that you do.

well, i grew a little myself, today.

5. reading back occasionally through some of my entries here during the time i'd allowed *m* to sludge up my life...wow. talk about serious depression... and i let him! amazing...

but before then, i was really getting on the pronoiac track and a lot of things were making real sense. but i wasn't ready for a relationship just yet. obviously, since i was still so easily influenced and let *m*'s own personal weakness drag me down. the lesson i learned with *sy* was to trust my own intuition and act accordingly, without delay. now, i do. things are really, finally starting to come together in amazing ways. i'm getting to know Delena of the Funkywild very well, and she has a beautiful personality and an unbelievably fantasmic heart.

i'm just grateful to all of you for sticking with me through all this amazing transition.


Brandi said...

across town for dinner? what did ya eat?? what a lovely way to cheer your friends up with text messages.


Anonymous said...

tee hee! you made my day you gorgeous goddess!


Anonymous said...

so much coolness...yeah.

Greg said...

your messages ALWAYS put a smile on my face. :-) even when i don't see them till the next morning. lol.