daily deelite

1. dinner last night was so awesome. simple, but awesome. have i extended gratitude lately for the simplicity of a magically yumariffic dinner with my siblings?

2. our cable went out last night around 01:00, right when we were all heavily into our stuff. *ds* and *ks* were hot in WOW, and i was...i dunno...checking email and managing my blogs, i think, and reading an online article about how vegetarian/fruitarian lifestyles benefit our health. yeah, i'm a web-surfer girl; at any given moment, i have at least 3-4 browsers open, usually more. suddenly i heard grumbling to my left as my MMORP siblings got the big boot. i was happily oblivious, absorbed in my article, but after it hit what had happened we were --sadly-- kinda like the Borg unplugged.

but what was first seen as a bane became a boon. i'd already lit several candles around the living room for ambiance, it was a warm night, and we all plopped on the couch together for an enjoyable time together watching oh brother, where art thou?

3. more than i can say, i'm grateful things are finally starting to pick up for me and Freedom Revolution

4. when i made my dream board movie, i put together three clips of as many of my friends as i had pictures for. i made two collages of them, and in doing so it really put in front of me just how saturated my life is. i'm positively dripping with friendship and love and support, and it's so awesome to see that. i think, in my heart, i was still in that place after my Kali Summer where it felt like i really didn't have many friends at all. but the people left over from that time two years ago are the ones that will be around forever, and the new friends i've made since then are an empire unto themselves. take a look. pause it when the collages come up. you're in there. and if not, it's only because i didn't have a picture of you! (hint, hint!)

my circle of friends is bigger than a lot of extended families of people i know. talk about funkalicious abundance!

i love you all. you people rock!

5. and i can't even begin to express how grateful i am that i have the time to do something as simple as sit here for twenty minutes doing nothing but writing about all the things i'm grateful for today!


Mich said...


Enjoy goddess!


Az said...

Best of luck with your new endeavor. It's good to hear (read) about how happy you're feeling. You deserve happiness. Love ya, my friend. :D

Brandi said...

ain't life good??? It's easy to forget the luxuries we take for granted. I love this post.