ah, the wonders, hilarity, and humanity of the internet...

every morning monday thru friday in iGoddess Land, the minbari-like alarm chimes softly and soothingly at 07:57, which is just enough time for me to wake up, sigh and smile like i do every morning (because waking up is a pleasant experience), turn off the alarm and dial in to my morning conference call. it's an exciting, cheerful conversation filled with enthusiasm and boundless energy. it puts me in the right frame of mind to begin my day, and i can lie in bed with my eyes closed, smiling to myself, while on speakerfone tony rush is talking about leadership, awareness, freedom, compassion, and outreach. it's a beautiful thing.

and sometimes i turn off the alarm and roll over, hug my pillow, and sleep in an extra hour or so. this, too, is a beautiful thing.

finally rolling out of bed is always such a fantastic feeling. i get up, greet the kitties who come rushing to my door, spend a little time with rumblestrut (who, because he's a cat, got kicked out of paradise aka "my room" during the night and feels slightly exiled), and come to my computer to find out what my day has in store for me. i check all my email (from five accounts, that can be a lot some days), take notes on business emails and website responses, write a list of who i get to call that day, and read my newsletters.

it's amazing the things i find in this phenominally delicious world...

like today i found this adorable little snippet into the inside of a healthy, happy, well-adjusted single woman's mind. what rocks is that this article called me "The Holy Grail!" as a cute, intelligent, and hilarious chick who's also a gamer, i've half-jokingly referred to myself as "prime equity stock" in the past. after this, i think i like "Holy Grail" much better! how many guys can say that they found a girl who not only tolerates their new-game obsessions and weekend-long gaming marathons, but also is happy to be the supportive, cheering audience, is eager to fix a "Glorious Pot of Everfill" chili and stock up on potions of Henry Weinhart to last the marathon, and even joins in and kicks some butt of her own? in a word, a chick like that is orgasmically delicious! a definite Holy Grail for the saavy male gamer looking for love, marriage, and PvP*.

with my beloved boho mom on the brain, i went out and watched randy pausch's Final Lecture on YouTube. it was simply amazing. i got teary-eyed when he had a birthday cake wheeled out and had the whole auditorium sing "happy birthday" to his wife. i read the small tribute Google wrote in honor of him (and you're definitely a Thunder Walker if Google tips its hat to you!), and found this article on Wired.com with an interesting sign of the times. we're entering a new age of not just cybersex and e-commerce, but of whole communities of iVillages and, now, thanks to Randy, distributed iFunerals. the internet is truly a wonderful, wonder-filled place...

speaking of randy, he mentioned how his childhood hero was Captain Kirk and expressed all this excitement for the captain's nifty, neat-o toys. he held up his own Star Trek communicator, then held up his real-life, working model that happened to be smaller, sleeker, and was called a "cell phone." i grew up with The Original Series (on re-run, unfortunately, as i was born in the late 70's) in a sci-fi-encouraged home. it's always so much fun to see when science fact catches up with science fiction. better still, when i see how science fiction is used for the greater good. now there's a version of pronoia in action, baby!

of course, hilariously enough, this wonder-filled world we live in isn't for the faint of heart, either... sometimes it's nice to take a look at ourselves and our lives in 2008 and see just how good we got it.

*PvP, for you non-gamers, stands for Player vs. Player, a cutthroat and merciless arena where winner takes all, and losers often get camped*.

*again, for you non-gamers, "camped" is a term meaning that, when you've gotten ganked by a player with better stats and mad skillz than you, they end up sitting next to your corpse waiting for you to resurrect with only 5% of your hit points so they can squick you again. vicious and delicious, tastes just like vengeance!

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Geez - I have missed out on SO much ... missed you goddess gal