daily deelite

1. per recommendation by *rj* back on saturday, i asked google to help me find dr. horrible, and it absolutely effing rocked! i highly recommend it. for any of you out there who loved buffy the vampire slayer or serenity, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is a musical in 3 parts written by the mr. joss whedon himself. i fall to my knees in homage of the greatest writer in the world.

he rocks. (btw, if you like it, please buy it off iTunes for a number of reasons; some of which being that this was an experiment, it helps offset production costs for this low-budget project, and as proof of a concept it'll help encourage others to make more of these for their fans!)

2. i'm grateful for those creative things in the world like buffy, babylon 5, and stardust. it's something that reaches large numbers of people and sparks something inside of them, inspires their creativity and sense of wonder.

3. i'm grateful for yummy iced chamomile/honeysuckle/blackberry/peppermint tea in the afternoon. sweetened with a little brown sugar? heavenly!

4. i'm grateful for the help and creativity of my siblings. slowly but surely, we're overcoming my advertising and marketing obstacles that were really starting to get me down.

5. and i love how every minute is another chance to turn it all around.

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