daily deelite

1. i am SO GRATEFUL for the abundance of the universe!! i placed my very first business partner into my system today, and it was so easy! this is going to be great; i can just feel it.

2. i'm utterly grateful to *ds* and *ks* for being such a solid base of support for me to stand on. without them, this entire journey would have been so much more difficult. i honestly don't know if i'd have had the strength and fortitude to come as far as i have, as fast as i have. but with them here supporting me, cheering me on, and helping me get my head on straight when it skews a bit, i've really surprised myself when i realize just how much potential i was really sitting on.

and dang. it's a lot.

3. i woke up in gratitude for the fabulous sleep i continue to get, and how rested i feel when i wake up. holosync really was the answer to that insomniac struggle i've had for fourteen years. i'm just so grateful insomnia is a part of my past, and that healthy and restful, complete sleep is a part of my present! i think a lot of people out there take sleep for granted. i will always appreciate it!

4. i am grateful for the fabulous weather we're continuing to have. it lifts me up and i can easily imagine the sunshine soaking into my skin and infusing me generously with light, happiness, health, energy, and the love of the universe.

5. i'm just so dang grateful for my life! seriously! i took my own life into my own hands, am starting to live the way i want to live, and every moment is precious. every friendship is golden, my family is my strength, the freedom and flexibility in my new life is fabuliciously amazing, and the new people i'm drawing into my life are just rockin' Funktastic!

if like attracts like, then i'm mind-bogglingly wonderlicious!


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